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    Our rails are available in the following rail models for track N:
    Nickel-silver with deep brown or black ties - code 80

    Our rails in the following rail models for track H0:
    Nickel-silver with deep brown or black ties - code 100
    Nickel-silver with deep brown ties - code 92 + 83 - (2.3 mms + 2.1-mm rail profile height)
    Brass with black ties - code 100 (Standardtracks)
    Steel with black ties - code 100

    GT rails are compatible with most rails from other manufacturers.

    Tracks in daylight:

    H0: NS-brown    -    NS-black        -        Brass    -        Steel-black  -  brown-Code92    N-black N-brown

    rail joiners for track N (code 80) and H0 (code 100) in each case as 100th endless tape

    Our H0-rail links are usable for code 100 and code 92/83; for Code83 one must crush you, however, a breath more firmly togehter caused by the form, so there exists no problem in usage.
    The rail links look looked from the front, like one on the straight side recumbent "B", the rails receive so special group firmness, because a double feather effect is exercised - 99.9% of the customers are inspired up to now, in any case.

    However, also the links of other manufacturers can be used of course .

    Small product explanation:
    QUESTION: Why are there rails from different materials?

    ANSWER: The different materials have different qualities:

    - NICKEL-SILVER: Nickel-silver (NS) is a nickel copper zinc alloy which is nearly indestructible!

      Advantage: this alloy is offered by most manufacturers, because it is nearly insensitively against
      oxidation and can be processed besides, very well. For arrangements on ground / memory or in
      the cellar very well suitable. Well solderable.
      Disadvantage: For nickel allergy sufferers not suitably - else usually without any problems

    - BRASS:
      Advantages: The material is softer than the wheel rims of locomotives and Wagons which show,
      therefore, less wear.
      Also for nickel allergy sufferers easily suitable. Well solderable. Optically very attractively.

      Optically very attractive.
      Disadvantage: Inclines to the oxidation and must be cleaned regularly with oil cloth and be .

    - STEEL:
      Advantages: Also for nickel allergy sufferers easily suitable.
      Solderable and weldable
      Very good loadable.
      Disadvantage: Inclines to the oxidation and must be cleaned regularly with oil cloth and be.

    Pattern track ordering (free of charge):

    Program of delivery as PDF (download here)

    Interesting links to model road forums with INDEPENDENT, critical testers:

    Attention: The contributions are sequential - the most actual contributions are therefore at the lower end!

    You can find material tests and compatibility tests to other rails of a critical tester for trace N


    Short instructions to the Flextrack-usage:

    Flextrack usage is quite easy and quick learning:

    1. One cuts the Flextrack (with multifunction rotary tool / multitool) on the desired length and bends it easily in the desired form before - the cut ends are deburred.

    2a. One takes away a multifunction rotary tool / from multitool with the thinnest disc and trails wagerecht somewhat of the ballast - then between rail and ballast an approx. 0.5 mm wide and approx. 0.6 cm deep hollow cavity in is then at the respective rail end the rail links easily fit - then with rail nails / fix glue and READY:-)


    2b. One fixes the precrooked Flexhttp://www.flexgleise.de/ and solders the rails to each other


    2c. One uses the rail links and THEN solders.

    There are many possibilities of processing, also well is the moved reaping of the Flextrack, on this occasion, the rail ends are put together with up to 1 cm of pawning - here, the advantage is a cleaner, silk-soft run of the trains, because there are no more double-track push edges, but the trains must only cross only one one-sided rail connection in each case.

       Attention: A picture series / instruction to the Flextrack usage: Flexgleisverlegung.de

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