Flexibletracks, Flexible Tracks, Rails, Railjoiner, Rail Joiners, Joiners Scale, nickel-silver, brass, steel, N,  H0, 1:87, 1:160 N, H0, HO, scale N Gauge scala size 1:160 1/160 2,5 mm 2,1mm Code 100 83 84
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    Payment terms / forwarding expenses:

    Transfers please to "Stephan Krause" as a receiver.

    The goods will be dispatched immediately after payment is received.
    These are our Terms.

    Please keep in mind that the transfer needs 1-3 working days to be credited to our account and the dispatch requires usually another 2-5 days.

    Therefore, please include in the plan approx. 7-10 days from the transfer date, until the product reaches you.

    The forwarding expenses amount is due to the necessary packaging:
    Germany: 8.00 EUR parcel (assured) - COD delivery: + 5.00 EUR
    Europe: 18,00 EUR parcel (assured)
    Uninsured dispatch is no longer offered, since we made some negative experiences in the past by that!

    Transfers please to:
    Stephan Krause (reference: GT and if necessary auction number)
    Account: 1055214322 | Bank code number 20050550 | Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse

    IBAN: DE77200505501055784282 BIC: HASPDEHHXXX

    All deliveries are:

    ... as a new product
    ... as an insured dispatch (included in forwarding expenses)
    ... with 14 days return guarantee (except forwarding expenses)
    ... 2-year guarantee on unscathed, appropriate treated product
    ... free exchange with defective product
    ... with professional winding up
    ... with friendly email customer service

    Our new centralized Shop-System is online:

    Right of Cancellation
    according to §356 Paragraph 1, sentence 2, No. 1, Civil Code (German Law):

    You can revoke your contract explanation within one month without information of reasons in text form (e.g., letter, fax, email) or by return of the thing. The term begins at the earliest with preservation of this instruction. For the protection of the cancellation term the timely sending of the cancellation or the thing is enough. In case of an effective cancellation are the achievements received on both sides zurückzugewähren. If you cannot return us the received consignment complete or partly or only in worse state, you have to perform substitute in value of the goods received from us if necessary. With the surrender of goods this does not count if the deterioration of the goods is to be led back exclusively on their check - as it would have been possible to you possibly in the retail shop. For the rest, you can avoid the value obligation to indemnify, while you do not take the good like an owner in use and omit from everything what impairs their value. You have to carry the costs of the return on a return from a goods delivery whose order value amounts all together up to 40.00 euros if the delivered product goods correspond to the ordered ones. Otherwise the return is free for you.

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  Hamburger Sparkasse
  Konto-Nr.: 1055214322  BLZ: 20050550
  IBAN: DE77200505501055784282 BIC: HASPDEHHXXX
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