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Actual Information and special offers:

NEW: Switches scale / gauge N and H0 for 14,95 EUR
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TOP-Offers: i.e. Roll dynamometer scale N for only 79,90 EUR € and much more ...

NEW: Our newly centralized Shop-System - is online - it’s worth to get a look!
TOP-Offers: i.e. Roll dynamometer scale H0 for only 69,90 EUR € and more ...

TOP offers: Sale of B-Quality goods at special prices!   (remaining 625)
H0 Code100 (Standardtrack with 2,5mm track-elevation) nickel-silver or steel-tracks with small hose impuritys at the plastic ties - beside that fully functional! Discount of 10% - mostly not noticed really - Price per unit only 1,71 EUR

Special Offers Sale:
Scale N B-Goods (small hose impuritys - example picture here!)
  35 x 20 pieces
- nickel-silver with brown ties
112 x 20 pieces
nickel-silver with black ties -
Ideal for tunnels or shadow-tunnels - Price per 20 unit pack only 29,00 EUR   

Code83-Tracks: Unfortunately out of stock currently! Won’t be available for some time!
As an alternative, we can deliver: Code92-Tracks with 2,3mm track elevation (only 0,2mm higher than the original Code83 tracks!) on the same tie-band - one hardly notes the difference - only should be adapted with a file at the crossing, or better lightly underscoffed.

    Hello and welcome to Flexibletracks.com

    Since the beginning of 2003, we are exclusively and europe-wide selling Flextracks, tracks and track-joiners of the Italian manufacturer “GT”, for all kinds of model-railways.

    We trade among other things with direct current rails, rail links, rail building stuff and other rail construction accessories for track N (Code80 2,03mm) and also H0 (Code100, Code92 und Code83) !

    The GT rails are compatible with most current rails of other manufacturers and have already also proved themselves often in the digital company..

    GT Flextracks Scale N Code 80 finished - GT Flextracks HO / H0 Code 100 and Code 83 finished - Trackprofileheigth Trackheigth Track Trackbodyheigth 2,0 mm 2,01 mm 2,03 mm 2,1 mm 2,3 mm 2,5 mm

    The rails are not reworked by hand - these are therefore sporadically still low, wafer-thin excess ends of the pouring- and pressmachine on it which one can remove, however, if necessary easily with the fingernail or cutter's knife - the customers are very contented with the quality.

    You can find our complete Delivery Program / Price List as PDF HERE!

    We deliver parcels with GLS at the moment only in Germany within 24 - 72 hours after payment entrance / cash on delivery - throughout Europe within 3-5 days!

    The rail joiners are delivered as "endless tape" with 100 pieces per tape.

    The rails and links are direct from the factory - without other intertraders - without expensive advertisement, prospects and packaging - therefore anyhow qualitatively high grade and, besides, at a very reasonable price:
    (H0 from 20 Flextracks already less than 2,00 EUR each - with track N even already from 10 pieces).
    With these rails and links you have the possibility for the inexpensive development of your model railway equipment.

    Our direct current rails find use with more and more change-stream-railway employees which:

    A) substitute your present glass cabinet rails with ours or

    B)you can use our rails in the concealed areas / move tunnels / shadow railway stations and afterwards bore all 10 cm a 2-mm-hole by the record and then raise an about 15 cm long piece of galvanised copper wire (0.8 mms) on the rails - carry out the wire ends by the holes, turn round tightly and solder with each other - DONE!

    Purchase without risk - right of return for whatsoever reason! (Contentment guarantee)

    The experiences of our customers show, that the "GT" rails are also ideally suited for the glass cabinet, shadow railway station or rail spiral, because the rails let themselves bend together with careful, steady, appropriate use up to a diameter of approx. 20 cm.
    ( 1 rail = 1 circle - you find the proof of this statement on our Picture-Page).
    The rails are therefore also suitable for the smallest radius and assure by this “the most extreme rail guidance”

    New in the GT-Program:
    Start set / rail oval for track N and H0 (German silver, black thresholds), in each case consisting of:
      - 11 curves (30 degrees - R1)
      -   1 stream connection curve (30 degrees - R1)
      -   2 straight lines (N 127 mms - H0 228 mms)
    Price: Track N (approx. 50 x 65 cm) 9.90 EUR - Track H0 (approx. 110 x 130 cm) 11.90 EUR

    Additional curves and straights can be ordered to the unit price of 0.99 EUR in any number.

    From now on all orders will be given a goods pattern of the rail base of flexibletracks.com.
    Your advantage: Rail documents from special foam (2,2mm) or cork (2,0mm) can be co-ordered for identical prices postage-free of charge from rail purchases. For the time being please take those prices directly from the site

    One finds grit material in different dimensions / grain-size and accessories very favourably Modelleisenbahn Härtner.

    We offer our products, among other tradeways, also via Ebay, Azubo, Hood and other systems - more than 3000 positive Ebay-assessment points / 99.9% of contented customers speak to our opinion into clear language about quality, service and our dependability.
    Here you can view directly our most actual Ebay-Assessments ...
Flexgleise für Spur N / H0 und Gleisverbinder für N und H0 / HO

Salespartners wanted !

We are looking for Salespartners throughout Europe, to make sure, our foreign customers receive their goods with less delivery costs in the future.

Terms if you want to apply:
Trade License at hand - expatriate - desired would be also an own Model-Railway-Store, or an already existent Model-Railway-Distribution

Österreich   Andorra   Belgien   Frankreich   Norwegen   Spanien   Schweiz

! Essential hint for everyone that shares this hobby: !

The problem:
The own Hobby is not really cheap and it's time consuming.

To solve it:
The typical "model-railway-wife" can extend her understanding of this hobby, if "man" does not forget her over it :-) 

Here are some of our recommendations:

www.blume2000.de http://www.christ.de www.swarovski.de
It is often described that wifes tell their husbands to read this text, just to make sure the guys get back on the "good old ways" and do not forget about their family at all :-)

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